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Dataset Summary
TitleEffects of alpha-crystallin gene knockout on zebrafish lens development
DescriptionThe alpha-crystallin small heat shock proteins contribute to the transparency and refractive properties of the vertebrate eye lens and prevent the protein aggregation that would otherwise produce lens cataracts, the leading cause of human blindness. There are conflicting data in the literature as to what role the alpha-crystallins may play in early lens development. In this study, we used CRISPR gene editing to produce zebrafish lines with null mutations for each of the three alpha-crystallin genes (cryaa, cryaba and cryabb). The absence of normal protein was confirmed by mass spectrometry, and lens phenotypes were assessed with differential interference contrast microscopy and histology. Loss of alpha A-crystallin produced a variety of lens defects with varying severity in larval lenses at 3 and 4 dpf but little substantial change in normal fiber cell denucleation. Loss of either alpha Ba- or full-length alpha Bb-crystallin produced no substantial lens defects. Mutation of each alpha-crystallin gene did not alter the expression levels of the remaining two, suggesting a lack of genetic compensation. These data confirm a developmental role for alphaA-crystallin in lens development, but the range of phenotype severity suggests that its loss simply increases the chance for defects and that the protein is not essential. Our finding that cryaba and cryabb mutants lack noticeable lens defects is congruent with insubstantial transcript levels in lens epithelial and fiber cells. Future experiments can explore the molecular consequences of cryaa mutation and causes of lens defects in this null mutant, as well as the roles of other genes in lens development and function.
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PrimarySubmitterAshok Reddy
SpeciesList scientific name: Danio rerio; NCBI TaxID: 7955;
InstrumentQ Exactive HF
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Posner M, Murray KL, Andrew B, Brdicka S, Roberts A, Franklin K, Hussen A, Kaye T, Kepp E, McDonald MS, Snodgrass T, Zientek K, David LL, -crystallin protein loss on zebrafish lens development. Exp Eye Res, 227():109358(2023) [pubmed]
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submitter keyword: zebrafish, alpha-crystallin, lens, development, cataract, knockout
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Ashok Reddy
contact affiliationOregon Health & Sciences University
contact emailreddyas@ohsu.edu
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Ashok Reddy
contact affiliationOregon Health & Sciences University
contact emailreddyas@ohsu.edu
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