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DataSet Summary

  • HostingRepository: PRIDE
  • AnnounceDate: 2019-07-19
  • AnnouncementXML: Submission_2019-07-19_05:43:53.xml
  • DigitalObjectIdentifier:
  • ReviewLevel: Peer-reviewed dataset
  • DatasetOrigin: Original data
  • RepositorySupport: Unsupported dataset by repository
  • PrimarySubmitter: Sina Schäkermann
  • Title: Not just an alternative nitrogenase: The Fe-nitrogenase system belongs to the NifA regulon in Rhodobacter capsulatus
  • Description: The diazotrophic bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus synthesizes a molybdenum nitrogenase and an alternative iron-only nitrogenase, enabling growth with molecular dinitrogen as sole nitrogen source. Regulation of nitrogen fixation was analyzed by proteome profiling of wild-type and mutant strains lacking the transcriptional regulators NifA, AnfA, and MopAB.
  • SpeciesList: scientific name: Rhodobacter capsulatus SB 1003; NCBI TaxID: 272942;
  • ModificationList: iodoacetamide derivatized residue
  • Instrument: Synapt MS

Dataset History

VersionDatetimeStatusChangeLog Entry
02019-04-16 01:39:17ID requested
12019-07-19 05:43:53announced

Publication List

  1. Dataset with its publication pending

Keyword List

  1. submitter keyword: Mo-nitrogenase
  2. Fe-nitrogenase
  3. NifA regulon
  4. AnfA regulon
  5. Rhodobacter

Contact List

    Julia Elisabeth Bandow
    • contact affiliation: Ruhr-Universität Bochum AG Angewandte Mikrobiologie Universitätsstraße 150 44780 Bochum Raum: ND 06/748 Tel.: +49 234 32 23102
    • contact email: julia.bandow@rub.de
    • lab head:
    Sina Schäkermann
    • contact affiliation: Ruhr-Universität Bochum
    • contact email: Sina.Langklotz@rub.de
    • dataset submitter:

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