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  • HostingRepository: PRIDE
  • AnnounceDate: 2019-05-15
  • AnnouncementXML: Submission_2019-05-15_02:59:20.xml
  • DigitalObjectIdentifier:
  • ReviewLevel: Peer-reviewed dataset
  • DatasetOrigin: Original data
  • RepositorySupport: Unsupported dataset by repository
  • PrimarySubmitter: Fabrice BERTILE
  • Title: Brown bear skeletal muscle 2D-DIGE-LC-MSMS
  • Description: Muscle atrophy is one of the main deleterious consequences of ageing and physical inactivity. Although basic knowledge regarding the underlying mechanisms of muscle atrophy is continuously growing, there are still no efficient therapeutic strategies for its prevention and treatment. Hibernating bears exhibit a strong and unique ability to preserve muscle mass in conditions where muscle atrophy is observed in humans. However, underlying mechanisms have not been understood yet. To fill this gap, the aim of this study was to characterize changes in the bear muscle proteome during hibernation versus the active period. Muscle biopsies were obtained from Ursus arctos bears.
  • SpeciesList: scientific name: Ursus arctos arctos (European brown bear); NCBI TaxID: 563924;
  • ModificationList: monohydroxylated residue; acetylated residue; iodoacetamide derivatized residue
  • Instrument: maXis 4G

Dataset History

VersionDatetimeStatusChangeLog Entry
02018-11-13 07:43:45ID requested
12019-05-15 02:59:21announced

Publication List

  1. Chazarin B, Storey KB, Ziemianin A, Chanon S, Plumel M, Chery I, Durand C, Evans AL, Arnemo JM, Zedrosser A, Swenson JE, Gauquelin-Koch G, Simon C, Blanc S, Lefai E, Bertile F, Metabolic reprogramming involving glycolysis in the hibernating brown bear skeletal muscle. Front Zool, 16():12(2019) [pubmed]

Keyword List

  1. curator keyword: Biological
  2. submitter keyword: Bears, skeletal muscle, hibernation, 2D-DIGE, LC-MSMS

Contact List

    Sarah Cianférani
    • contact affiliation: Laboratoire de Spectrométrie de Masse BioOrganique, Analytical Science department, IPHC, CNRS, Strasbourg University, UMR7178, Strasbourg, France
    • contact email: sarah.cianferani@unistra.fr
    • lab head:
    Fabrice BERTILE
    • contact affiliation: CNRS
    • contact email: fbertile@unistra.fr
    • dataset submitter:

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