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  • HostingRepository: PRIDE
  • AnnounceDate: 2019-01-11
  • AnnouncementXML: Submission_2019-01-11_03:15:07.xml
  • DigitalObjectIdentifier:
  • ReviewLevel: Peer-reviewed dataset
  • DatasetOrigin: Original data
  • RepositorySupport: Unsupported dataset by repository
  • PrimarySubmitter: Itziar Urizar Arenaza
  • Title: Phosphoproteomic and functional approaches reveal changes in sperm-specific proteins downstream KOR in human spermatozoa
  • Description: G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) belong to the seven transmembrane receptors superfamily that in response to external stimuli, transduce signals via G proteins to initiate different intracellular signaling pathways which culminate in specific cellular responses. Although in somatic cells the GPCR participate in a broad variety of physiological processes, the expression of diverse GPCRs at the plasma membrane of human spermatozoa suggests their involvement in the regulation of sperm fertility. Mature spermatozoa could present unique features in their molecular mechanisms downstream GPCRs due to the fact that they possess sperm-specific proteins and are transcriptionally and translationally silent. In order to decipher the signaling pathways engaged by this receptor superfamily in human spermatozoa, we selected the kappa-opioid receptor (KOR) as a study model and applied, for first time, phosphoproteomic approach based on TMT labeling and LC-MS/MS analyses combined with functional studies using a specific agonist of KOR, U50488H.
  • SpeciesList: scientific name: Homo sapiens (Human); NCBI TaxID: 9606;
  • ModificationList: phosphorylated residue
  • Instrument: Q Exactive

Dataset History

VersionDatetimeStatusChangeLog Entry
02018-10-05 05:50:05ID requested
12019-01-11 03:15:08announced

Publication List

  1. Urizar-Arenaza I, Osinalde N, Akimov V, Puglia M, Candenas L, Pinto FM, Muņoa-Hoyos I, Gianzo M, Matorras R, Irazusta J, Blagoev B, Subiran N, Kratchmarova I, Phosphoproteomic and Functional Analyses Reveal Sperm-specific Protein Changes Downstream of Kappa Opioid Receptor in Human Spermatozoa. Mol Cell Proteomics, 18(Suppl 1):S118-S131(2019) [pubmed]

Keyword List

  1. curator keyword: Biological
  2. submitter keyword: human spermatozoa, phosphoproteomics, KOR

Contact List

    Irina Kratchmarova
    • contact affiliation: Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Campusvej 55 5230 Odense M Denmark ihk@bmb.sdu.dk Phone: +45 65502494
    • contact email: ihk@bmb.sdu.dk
    • lab head:
    Itziar Urizar Arenaza
    • contact affiliation: University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU)
    • contact email: itziar.urizara@ehu.eus
    • dataset submitter:

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