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PXD011069 is an original dataset announced via ProteomeXchange.

Dataset Summary
TitleRawTools Parsing of Orbitrap Raw Data Files -Quality control analysis
DescriptionRawTools is a software that provides parsing and quantification of raw Thermo Orbitrap mass spectrometer data. RawTools software was used to process a set of injections (n = 140) from a prepared HeLa digest that were analyzed on an Orbitrap Velos to get summarized instrument performance metrics for quality control.
ReviewLevelPeer-reviewed dataset
DatasetOriginOriginal dataset
RepositorySupportUnsupported dataset by repository
PrimarySubmitterChristopher Hughes
SpeciesList scientific name: Homo sapiens (Human); NCBI TaxID: 9606;
ModificationListmonohydroxylated residue; iodoacetamide derivatized residue
InstrumentLTQ Orbitrap Velos
Dataset History
RevisionDatetimeStatusChangeLog Entry
02018-09-12 03:34:03ID requested
12018-09-18 07:24:13announced
Publication List
Dataset with its publication pending
Keyword List
curator keyword: Technical
submitter keyword: RawQuant, Orbitrap, Mass Spectrometry, Quality Control, Isobaric Tag Quantification, Label-free Quantification, Method Optimization
Contact List
Gregg Morin
contact affiliationHead of Proteomics
contact emailgmorin@bcgsc.ca
lab head
Christopher Hughes
contact affiliationBC Cancer Agency
contact emailchughes@bcgsc.ca
dataset submitter
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