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DataSet Summary

  • HostingRepository: PRIDE
  • AnnounceDate: 2018-09-13
  • AnnouncementXML: Submission_2018-09-19_03:55:36.xml
  • DigitalObjectIdentifier: http://dx.doi.org/10.6019/PXD009771
  • ReviewLevel: Peer-reviewed dataset
  • DatasetOrigin: Original data
  • RepositorySupport: Supported dataset by repository
  • PrimarySubmitter: Alessio Di Luca
  • Title: A Comparative Liver Label-Free Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Proteomic Profile Highlights Putative Metabolic Differences Between two Pig Breeds
  • Description: Pig breeds have different attitude to traits like growth rate, carcass composition and reproduction parameters as well as other traits. These traits considered as external traits or end phenotypes are the outcome of complex biological processes and interactions. The main goal of pig breeding programs and the basis for crossbreeding is finding a balance between these traits. In pig production, Large White and Duroc breeds are commonly used to optimise respectively fertility and growth ability and differ on several production traits, indeed the first breed as a high fertility characters whereas Duroc is used as terminal sire for her growth performance and good carcass quality traits. In this study, we have used a quantitative label-free LC-MS proteomics approach to characterise and compare the liver proteome of two heavy Italian pig breeds, Italian Duroc and Italian Large White to identify difference due to their different genetic background. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 703094.
  • SpeciesList: scientific name: Sus scrofa domesticus (domestic pig); NCBI TaxID: 9825;
  • ModificationList: Deamidated; Oxidation; Carbamidomethyl
  • Instrument: 6520 Quadrupole Time-of-Flight LC/MS

Dataset History

VersionDatetimeStatusChangeLog Entry
02018-05-14 03:36:36ID requested
12018-09-13 02:31:35announced
22018-09-19 03:55:38announcedUpdated publication reference for PubMed record(s): 30208024.

Publication List

  1. Bovo S, Di Luca A, Galimberti G, Dall'Olio S, Fontanesi L, A comparative analysis of label-free liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry liver proteomic profiles highlights metabolic differences between pig breeds. PLoS One, 13(9):e0199649(2018) [pubmed]

Keyword List

  1. curator keyword: Biological
  2. submitter keyword: Proteomics, Label-free LC-MS, Duroc, Large White, Liver

Contact List

    Luca Fontanesi
    • contact affiliation: Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences Viale Fanin 46, 40127, Bologna, Univerity of Bologna Italy
    • contact email: luca.fontanesi@unibo.it
    • lab head:
    Alessio Di Luca
    • contact affiliation: University of Bologna
    • contact email: alessio.diluca2@unibo.it
    • dataset submitter:

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