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DataSet Summary

  • HostingRepository: PRIDE
  • AnnounceDate: 2018-04-16
  • AnnouncementXML: Submission_2018-05-23_01:01:27.xml
  • DigitalObjectIdentifier:
  • ReviewLevel: Peer-reviewed dataset
  • DatasetOrigin: Original data
  • RepositorySupport: Unsupported dataset by repository
  • PrimarySubmitter: Eliot Morrison
  • Title: HLA-DM-mediated HLA-DR3 Immunopeptidome
  • Description: T2 cells stably expressing HLA-DR3 and variable amounts of HLA-DM (none, low, and high, per GFP co-expression) were lysed and HLA-DR3-peptide complexes were isolated via immunoprecipitation. Antigenic peptides were then eluted and quantified by LC-MS/MS to assess presented antigenic epitopes.
  • SpeciesList: scientific name: Homo sapiens (Human); NCBI TaxID: 9606;
  • ModificationList: iodoacetamide derivatized residue
  • Instrument: LTQ Orbitrap Velos

Dataset History

VersionDatetimeStatusChangeLog Entry
02018-01-29 00:45:54ID requested
12018-04-16 01:38:22announced
22018-05-23 01:01:28announcedUpdated publication reference for PubMed record(s): 29774024.

Publication List

  1. Álvaro-Benito M, Morrison E, Abualrous ET, Kuropka B, Freund C, Quantification of HLA-DM-Dependent Major Histocompatibility Complex of Class II Immunopeptidomes by the Peptide Landscape Antigenic Epitope Alignment Utility. Front Immunol, 9():872(2018) [pubmed]

Keyword List

  1. curator keyword: Biological
  2. submitter keyword: HLA-DR, HLA-DM, Immunopeptidome

Contact List

    Christian Freund
    • contact affiliation: Protein Biochemistry, Institute for Biochemistry, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    • contact email: chfreund@zedat.fu-berlin.de
    • lab head:
    Eliot Morrison
    • contact affiliation: FU Berlin
    • contact email: eliot.morrison@fu-berlin.de
    • dataset submitter:

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