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PXD005216 is an original dataset announced via ProteomeXchange.

Dataset Summary
TitleThe differential plasma proteome of obese and overweight individuals undergoing a nutritional weight loss and maintenance intervention
DescriptionThe nutritional intervention program “DiOGenes” focuses on how obesity can be prevented and treated from a dietary perspective. We have generated differential plasma proteome profiles in the DiOGenes cohort to identify proteins associated with weight loss and maintenance and explore their relation to body mass index, fat mass, insulin resistance and sensitivity. Relative protein quantification was obtained at baseline and after combined weight loss/maintenance phases using isobaric tagging and MS/MS. 473 subjects were measured at baseline and end of the intervention; 183 proteins were quantified in more than 70% of the plasma samples. The MS-based proteomic analysis of this large cohort of non-diabetic overweight and obese individuals concomitantly identified known and novel proteins associated with weight loss and maintenance. ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT00390637
ReviewLevelPeer-reviewed dataset
DatasetOriginOriginal dataset
RepositorySupportUnsupported dataset by repository
PrimarySubmitterLoïc Dayon
SpeciesList scientific name: Homo sapiens (Human); NCBI TaxID: 9606;
ModificationListTMT6plex-126 reporter+balance reagent acylated residue; iodoacetamide derivatized residue
InstrumentLTQ Orbitrap Elite
Dataset History
RevisionDatetimeStatusChangeLog Entry
02016-10-24 06:13:16ID requested
12017-04-04 02:12:40announced
22018-11-26 00:48:49announcedUpdated publication reference for PubMed record(s): 28371297, 30451909.
Publication List
Oller Moreno S, Cominetti O, Núñez Galindo A, Irincheeva I, Corthésy J, Astrup A, Saris WHM, Hager J, Kussmann M, Dayon L, The differential plasma proteome of obese and overweight individuals undergoing a nutritional weight loss and maintenance intervention. Proteomics Clin Appl, 12(1):(2018) [pubmed]
Cominetti O, Núñez Galindo A, Corthésy J, Valsesia A, Irincheeva I, Kussmann M, Saris WHM, Astrup A, McPherson R, Harper ME, Dent R, Hager J, Dayon L, Obesity shows preserved plasma proteome in large independent clinical cohorts. Sci Rep, 8(1):16981(2018) [pubmed]
Keyword List
curator keyword: Biological, Biomedical
submitter keyword: Plasma, Human, Obesity, Diabetes, Biomarker, Proteomics, Mass spectrometry
Contact List
Loïc Dayon
contact affiliationProteomics Team, Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, Lausanne, Switzerland
contact emailloic.dayon@rd.nestle.com
lab head
Loïc Dayon
contact affiliationNestlé Institute of Health Sciences SA
contact emailloic.dayon@rd.nestle.com
dataset submitter
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