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Dataset Identifier Title Repos Species Instrument Publication LabHead Announce Date Keywords
PXD018161 Plasma and crude membrane fraction from mouse liver and kidney jPOST Mus musculus TripleTOF 5600 Yagi et al. (2020) Sumio Ohtsuki 2020-09-25 mouse, liver, kidney, SWATH, DIA,
PXD015591 Proteome analysis of affinity-purified protein co-precipitates jPOST Homo sapiens LTQ Orbitrap Elite; Orbitrap Fusion ETD Dataset with its publication pending Akihiko Yokoyama 2020-09-25 HEK293T cells, affinity-purified materials,
PXD018171 Quantitative secretome analysis using improved secretome-protein-enrichment-with-click-sugars method (iSPECS) establishes the cell type-resolved mouse brain glyco-secretome PRIDE Mus musculus Q Exactive HF Tüshaus et al. (2020) Stefan F. Lichtenthaler 2020-09-25 Secretome, brain, Cerebrospinal Fluid, CSF, mouse, iSPECS, neuron, oligodendrocyte, astrocyte, microglia,
PXD014397 Melanoma spliced and linear HLA-I peptides PRIDE Homo sapiens Orbitrap Fusion Faridi et al. (2020) Anthony Purcell 2020-09-25 Melanoma, Spliced peptides, HLA peptides,
PXD020503 Secretome Analysis of hippocampal and cortical murine neurons PRIDE Mus musculus Q Exactive HF Tüshaus et al. (2020) Stefan F. Lichtenthaler 2020-09-25 secretome, BACE1, neurons,
PXD020339 Integrative Vectors for Regulated Expression of SARS-CoV-2 Proteins Implicated in RNA Metabolism PRIDE Homo sapiens Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Dataset with its publication pending David Tollervey 2020-09-25 Sars-cov-2, Covid-19, COVID-19, fusion proteins, UV crosslinking, RNA,
PXD006213 Systematic genetic and proteomic screens identify yeast H2BK37 and mammalian H2BK34 methylation as an evolutionary conserved meiotic mark PRIDE Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast) LTQ Orbitrap Velos Crespo et al. (2020) Virginie Brun 2020-09-25 Biological, Histone, methylation, meiosis, spermatogenesis, sporulation,
PXD016167 LC-MS/MS of baicalein-regulated human lung fibroblast PRIDE Homo sapiens LTQ Orbitrap Elite Sun et al. (2020) Xiaogang Jiang 2020-09-25 Human, lung fibroblast, baicalein, LC-MS/MS,
PXD018029 Proteome mapping of human gingival tissue in health and disease PRIDE Homo sapiens Orbitrap Fusion Dataset with its publication pending Nagihan Bostanci 2020-09-25 Gingival tissue proteome,Pressure cycling technology, Chronic periodontitis,
PXD018178 G-CSFR expression is not essential for neutrophil differentiation but for progenitor formation and emergency neutrophil responses PRIDE Homo sapiens Orbitrap Fusion Sprenkeler et al. (2020) Prof. Dr. T.W. Kuijpers 2020-09-24 Phagocytes, Granulocytes, and Myelopoiesis,
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