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Dataset Identifier Title Repos Species Instrument Publication LabHead Announce Date Keywords
PXD011545 Systems-level Analysis of Oxygen Exposure in Zymomonas mobilis: Implications for Isoprenoid Production PRIDE Zymomonas mobilis Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Dataset with its publication pending Joshua Jacques Coon 2019-01-18 Biological, Zymomonas mobilis, Isoprenoid, Biofuels, Orbitrap Fusion Lumos,
PXD009283 The ERBB-STAT3 Axis Drives Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease PRIDE Sarcophilus harrisii LTQ Orbitrap Velos Kosack et al. (2019) Dr Andreas Bergthaler 2019-01-18 Biological, Tasmanian devil, DFTD, transmissible cancer, ERBB,
PXD003007 Liraglutide effect on STZ Mouse Kidney with diabetic nephropathy PRIDE Mus musculus LTQ Orbitrap Elite Dataset with its publication pending Peter James 2019-01-18 Biomedical, STZ, Liraglutide, Kidney, Proteome, label-free, shotgun, diabetes nephropathy,
PXD012200 Gut anatomical development and microbial functional assembly of wood-feeding beetles PRIDE Odontotaenius disjunctus LTQ Orbitrap Velos Dataset with its publication pending Joshua Adkins 2019-01-18 proteomics, microbiome, lignocellulose,
PXD012117 Deuterium-free, Three-plexed Peptide Di-Ethylation for Highly Accurate Quantitative Proteomics PRIDE Homo sapiens Q Exactive Jung et al. (2019) Jaehun Jung 2019-01-17 di-ethylation, di-methylation, quantitative accuracy, deuterium effect, isotopic labeling, isobaric labeling,
PXD006400 OVA N-glycans PGC-LC-MSMS PRIDE Gallus gallus Q Exactive Xiao et al. (2018) Zhixin Tian 2019-01-17 Technical, Biological, OVA,N-glycans,PGC-LC-MSMS,
PXD011997 Proteomic responses of Candida albicans to Galleria mellonella larvae hemolymph PRIDE Candida albicans LTQ Orbitrap Sheehan & Kavanagh (2019) Prof Kevin Kavanagh 2019-01-17 Biological, Candida, Galleria, Infection, Immunity, Mini-model, in vivo screening,
PXD012242 Proteogenomics uncovers critical elements of host response in bovine soft palate epithelial cells following in vitro infection with foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) PRIDE Bos taurus LTQ Orbitrap Velos Pfaff et al. (2019) Katharina Riedel 2019-01-17 Biological, Biomedical, Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV), bovine soft palate, nasopharynx, transcriptomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, virus-host interaction, innate immune system, interferon-stimulated genes (ISG),
PXD009513 Combined phosphoproteome analysis of the response to mycobacterial cord factor reveals a dichotomy of Mincle-dependent and -independent signaling in macrophages PRIDE Mus musculus Orbitrap Fusion Hansen et al. (2019) Prof Matthias Trost 2019-01-17 Biological, Mouse, Macrophages, Dimethyl, Phosphoprotoemic, Mycobacterium tuberculosis,
PXD011344 The role of early chromatin changes in X chromosome inactivation PRIDE Mus musculus Orbitrap Fusion ┼╗ylicz et al. (2019) Damarys Loew 2019-01-17 Biological, X chromosome inactivation, mouse embryonic stem cells, epigenomics, transcriptomics, histone deacetylation, Polycomb, histone acetylation,
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