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Dataset Identifier Title Repos Species Instrument Publication LabHead Announce Date Keywords
PXD003904 Application of 193 nm UVPD for phosphoproteomic analysis of HeLa and HCC70 MassIVE Homo sapiens Orbitrap Fusion ETD Robinson et al. (2016) 2017-02-23 Phosphoproteomics, UVPD, HCD, HeLa, HCC70,
PXD005520 Human Plasma Gel Filtration Fractions MS Data PRIDE Homo sapiens TripleTOF 5600 Swertfeger et al. (2017) L. Jason Lu 2017-02-23 Biomedical, Human, plasma,
PXD004022 Proteomic analysis of mitochondria isolated from the frontal cortex and hippocampus of apolipoprotein E knockout mice treated with Alda-1, an activator of mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH2) PRIDE Mus musculus LTQ Stachowicz et al. (2017) Rafał Olszanecki 2017-02-23 Biomedical, ALDH2, mitochondria, Alzheimer’s disease, apolipoprotein E, brain,
PXD004435 Transcription factor-SNP interactome for colorectal cancer risk loci PRIDE Homo sapiens Q Exactive Dataset with its publication pending Ning Qing Liu 2017-02-23 Biological, Biomedical, Human, colorectal cancer, transcription factor, cancer related SNP,
PXD005952 LSA3 expressed in blood stage P. falciparum jPOST Plasmodium falciparum 3D7 instrument: AXIMA-TOF2 Dataset with its publication pending Eizo Takashima 2017-02-22 Malaria,
PXD004524 Sheep fecal microbiota PRIDE Microbiota LTQ Orbitrap Velos Tanca et al. (2017) Sergio Uzzau 2017-02-22 Metaproteomics, metaproteomics, stool, sheep,
PXD005581 Tracking the embryonic stem cell transition from ground state pluripotency PRIDE Mus musculus LTQ Orbitrap Velos Kalkan et al. (2017) Kathryn Lilley 2017-02-22 Biological, Rex1, ES cell, epiblast, pluripotency,
PXD004302 Characterization of sialylated N- and O-glycopeptides from complex proteomes on an Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid mass spectrometer by Isotope Targeted Glycoproteomics (IsoTaG). Application to azido and alkynyl sugars PRIDE Homo sapiens LTQ Orbitrap Woo et al. (2017) Christina Woo 2017-02-22 Biological, LC-MS/MS, glycoproteomics, metabolic labeling, tissue culture,
PXD003202 Symbiosis induces widespread changes in the proteome of the model cnidarian Aiptasia PRIDE Aiptasia pulchella (Tropical sea anemone) LTQ Orbitrap Oakley et al. (2016) Simon Davy 2017-02-22 Biological, Aiptasia, cnidarian, symbiosis, label-free, coral, model organism,
PXD003971 Eicosadomics, proteomics and metabolomics of inflammatory stimulated human fibroblasts reveals specific functions related to chronic inflammation - secreted proteins of dexamethasone-treated inflammatory stimulated cells PRIDE Homo sapiens Q Exactive Tahir et al. (2017) Christopher Gerner 2017-02-22 Biomedical, Human fibroblasts, chronic inflammation, shotgun proteomics, shotgun lipidomics, eicosadomics, metabolomics, multiple reaction monitoring,
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