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Dataset Identifier Title Repos Species Instrument Publication LabHead Announce Date Keywords
PXD000007 Comprehensive mapping of the bull sperm surface proteome PRIDE Bos taurus LTQ Orbitrap Byrne et al. (2012) Michael K. Holland 2020-01-27 bovine, sperm, plasma membrane, 5600 TripleTOF, QSTAR Elite, UltrafleXtreme,
PXD012421 Gonatopoulos_eIF4G1_microexon_BioID MassIVE Mus musculus TripleTOF 6600 no publication Anne-Claude Gingras 2020-01-27 BioID, eIF4G1, Microexon, Autism, Proximity-dependent biotinylation, Granules,
PXD011023 Heat and pressure resistance relates to protein folding and aggregation PRIDE Escherichia coli LTQ Orbitrap Velos Dataset with its publication pending BayBioMS Bavarian Center for Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry 2020-01-27 Biological, Escherichia coli, inclusion bodies, pressure resistance, food preservation,
PXD016436 Proteomic changes of whey proteins after heating at different temperatures PRIDE Bos taurus LTQ Orbitrap Dataset with its publication pending Sjef Boeren 2020-01-27 Milk, whey protein, proteomics, pasteurization, heat treatment,
PXD016632 Comprehensive proteome of the adult neural stem cell niche identifies key regulators of adult neurogenesis PRIDE Mus musculus Q Exactive Dataset with its publication pending Magdalena Gtz 2020-01-27 Stem cells, Neurogenesis, Extracellular matrix, Brain,
PXD001525 Molecular Characterization of LubX. AP-MS using Legionella lysate PRIDE Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila (strain Philadelphia 1 / ATCC 33152 / DSM 7513) LTQ Quaile et al. (2015) Alexei Savchenko 2020-01-27 Biological, Biomedical, Legionella, DITS, LubX, SidH, LTQ XL, AP-MS,
PXD015515 Comparative proteomics of salt stressed own rooted and 110R grafted Thompson Seedless grapevines PRIDE Vitis vinifera Synapt MS Patil et al. (2019) Vidya Shrikant Gupta 2020-01-27 : Label-free, shotgun, LC-MSMS, Synapt-G1, HDMS, Progenesis-QIP, Thompson Seedless, grapevine, Vitis, salt stress, leaf,
PXD011690 A study into the ADP-ribosylome of IFN--stimulated THP-1 human macrophage-like cells identifies ARTD8/PARP14 and ARTD9/PARP9 ADP-ribosylation PRIDE Homo sapiens Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Higashi et al. (2019) SASHA SINGH 2020-01-27 higher-energy collision dissociation (HCD), electron transfer higher-energy collision dissociation (EThcD), Orbitrap Fusion Lumos, gas phase segmentation, parallel reaction monitoring (PRM), proteomics, post-translational modification (
PXD000616 Discovery-Based Protein Expression Profiling Identifies Distinct Subgroups and Pathways in Leiomyosarcomas PRIDE Homo sapiens LTQ Orbitrap XL; instrument model Kirik et al. (2014) Ana Carneiro 2020-01-27 sarcoma human label-free,
PXD000617 20 human soft-tissue sarcomas (TMT) PRIDE Homo sapiens LTQ Orbitrap Kirik et al. (2014) Ana Carneiro 2020-01-27 tmt human sarcoma,
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